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Customer Support FAQs

Current Customer Frequently Asked Questions. (part 1)

Here are some common questions.

Where is my Package?
Possible reasons your package did not arrive on time or has not yet arrived:

1. Shipping address given was incorrect. Please use your complete and proper mailing address as per the United States Postal Service, USPS.com. If the address given is incorrect one of two things will happen a) The USPS database will reject the address and you will receive an email requesting the correct address. b) Your package will be shipped to an incorrect address and usually spend the next 30 days boomeranging its way back to our facility.

2. The billing address given when you placed your order does not match the billing address of the credit card used. We double check all credit card billing addresses with the card address on file with your bank. If the billing address does not match then in some cases this can cause a delay in shipping..

3. Initial delivery attempt failed. All packages are shipped via USPS. Please email us if your package has not arrived in a timely mannor. If you are in a remote location and house delivery is not an option then please check with your local post office.

4. Email address given was incorrect. If there is an issue with your order we will attempt to contact you via email. Your email is the primary means for us to have contact with you so if your email was entered incorrectly in the order process then you will not receive this information. You should also receive an email notification from USPS.com with your tracking information.

5. APO, AA, AE and other Military post offices. Your package will reach most military post offices within 7-10 days but from there it may take up 2 weeks to reach you.

6. International orders have been known to take up to 3 weeks depending on customs. Each country's regulations are different and can hold the package for as long as they see fit or in fact reject the package. If your package is rejected or refused by your country then you will be notified upon it's return and your money will be refunded or we will make alternate shipping arrangements.

Where is my Tracking Information?
For orders shipped within the USA tracking information will be automatically emailed directly from USPS.com at time of shipment. If you are using a spam blocker be sure to allow email from USPS.com or Secureonlineshoppingcart.com.

How Secure and Discreet is the Order System?
Ordering is 100% safe, secure, and discreet. You will not be contacted unless your information on the order form is incorrect. Email addresses must be active and functioning properly in order to receive your order confirmation and tracking information. If there are any mistakes with your order process then the product would most likely be returned to us and as a result would only delay the shipment further. Packages are shipped in an unmarked buble mailer, envelope or box. There is nothing on the package that marks its contents. The return name on the package will read 'SecureOnlineShoppingCart' for privacy.

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