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Penis Enlargement Surgery
Penis Enlargement Surgery Is A Risking Procedure.

In the lengthening procedure, the doctor releases the suspensory ligaments that attach the penis to the under surface of the pubic bone allowing access to the section of the penis hidden behind the skin wall. There is actually about an inch of the corpora (the three tubes that make up the inside of the penis) in the body, he is then able to lengthen the penis in proportion to the length of the internal portion. The penis is therefore, not actually lengthened but merely pulled further out of the body, the increase in length varies depending on the patients anatomy. Results generally range from 1-1/2" to 2" and there is no way to predict the length gain prior to surgery.

There is a drawback with this type of surgery however, five percent of men do not experience any increase in either flaccid or erect penis length following surgery. In a small amount of cases, penis length is actually reduced due to the formation of scar tissue that contracts over time. Exercise plays a vital role of the postoperative treatment to prevent shrinkinge. Gains in flaccid length are by far the most noticeable. Unfortunately gains in erect length are often less dramatic. A further drawback of the operation, is once the suspensory ligaments have been cut the angle of the erection can be significantly reduced.

Penile Widening (Girth Enhancement)

There are several different techniques used to increase penis girth generally these are found to be more successful than penile lengthening and can provide up to thirty percent increase in girth. Listed below are the two most common surgeries available for Penile Widening.

Fat Transfer Method

Fat Transfer is performed by taking fat from the lower abdomen or buttocks area injecting this fat underneath the skin of the penile shaft. The surgery takes approximately two hours under regional anesthesia, and stitches are removed two weeks after the operation.The amount of dermal fat to be injected should be just enough for the penile skin to sustain.any excess fat. Sexual intercourse is possible after approximately one month. Healing is rapid although some pain may be detected for a couple of days right after the surgery. There is up to three percent chance of having side effects such as necrosis, bleeding, infection etc and there is a significant possibility some or all of the relocated fat will be re absorbed by the body within the first several months.

Dermal Graft Augmentation

A relatively new method is Dermal Graft Augmentation and a very successful technique. With this procedure, strips of skin with the fat on the under-surface are removed from areas of the body. These strips are then inserted under the skin of the penis through two small incisions. The grafts are positioned to meet under the skin, surrounding the entire shaft, eliminating visible ridges. As technology has improved, Dr. Barron has concluded that the Dermal Graft Augmentation provides a vastly superior and virtually permanent result. The results of this procedure are considered to be superior to those achieved through Fat Transfer and are generally far more stable over time.


Penis Enlargement Surgery is not risk free, while there has been many advances made over the last ten years, there has been many lawsuits filed over Penile Enlargement Surgery.

Make sure you carefully select your surgeon, discuss the surgeons success rate, see his before and after photographs and are fully informed of the potential risks involved.Also make sure he is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon,a well respected surgeon with extensive experience in the field will offer a greater chance of achieving permanent gains and will have the skills to minimize risks or resolve postoperative complications should they occur.

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