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Penis Enlargement Extenders
The Benefits of Using Penis Enlargement Extenders

A penis extender device employs the same principle of traction used in orthopedic surgeries. This principle states that when human tissue is exposed to a traction force, it reacts by increasing its size.
In the case of the penis traction device, or extender, a constant traction force is applied along the length of the penis triggering the growth function of the penis. This increase in the length and girth of the adult penis is said to be permanent. extender
With so many copycat brands on the market today, it can be a daunting task choosing the right one. But don't worry because we have the best system on the market based on results, not marketing hype. It is called the Enhancerx™ Extender System. You can visit the official Enhancerx™ Extender website at www.enhancerxextender.com.

Penis Enlargement Extender - FAQ's

Are there any other noticeable effects?
In addition to the length increases you may notice increases in girth, which were comparable as a %. Other noticeable effects include increases in sex drive combined with harder and longer lasting erections when either of the pills or patches are used with the extender system. Results may vary.

How long does it take to see results?
Although you may start noticing the effects within days you should allow 14 to 28 days for initial results. Please note that results may vary with each individual.

Are penis extenders safe? Are there any side effects?
Penis extenders are completely safe with zero side effects when use as directed.

What if I am not satisfied with the results?
You can simply return the product within 180 days for a full refund.

Researchers say that the best way to improve the size and performance of the penis is to maintain a healthy diet and watch what is taken into the body. One of the worst things men can do is smoke. Smoking can actually shrink the penis and its effects on health in general are well documented. Excess intake of alcohol can also have a detrimental effect.

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