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Enhancerx™ Ingredients - A Closer Look
Key Ingredients in Detail..

L-arginine is probably the most heart healthy amino acid in existence. The substance plays a leading role in raising nitric oxide levels in the body. As arginine supplements elevate nitric oxide levels, it enables the penis to achieve an erection.
Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of l-arginine. Scientific researchers administered a study using l-arginine. Fifty men, afflicted with erectile dysfunction, were given l-arginine or a placebo for more than a month. The findings showed that the study group using arginine experienced a noticeable improvement in sexual performance.
In a different study group, men with low testosterone levels were given l-arginine. More than two-thirds of the participants had substantial improvements. Other researchers contend that arginine not only helps trigger a reliable erection, but also boosts the libido.

Catuaba has a longstanding reputation for being an aphrodisiac. Some contend that it is the most popular Brazilian sexual stimulant. Catuaba relieves listlessness and boosts the body's physiological strength. Overwhelming reports accredit catuaba with being a potent libido rejuvenator. At present date, there are not any documented side effects of the herb. The combination of muira puama and catuaba makes for an unbelievable natural male enhancement.

Muira Puama
Muira Puama is referred to in Latin as Liriosma ovata or "potent wood." In the Amazon, these trees grow up to 15 feet in height. Both the roots and bark are extracted for therapeutical purposes. The indigenous people ingest the herb to ease sexual dysfunctions. To many, muira puama is the improved version of Yohimbe. At the UCLA School of Medicine, the potent wood was studied. Findings showed the herb to drastically improve erectile performance.

While bioperine does not promote sexual performance, it helps the other ingredients work better. Natural supplements and vitamins are effective when absorbed in the body. Without the help of bioperine, the body is unable to reap the nutritional benefits of these natural supplements. In the end, bioperine assures the bioavailability of how other nutrients are released into the body.

Schizandra Fructus. Scientific research suggests that the fruit possesses properties similar to Asian ginseng. According to laboratory studies, schizandra promotes work productivity, leverages strength and keeps the mind alert. The herb is used to maximize semen production, provide vitality, and help the body produce other fluids. Moreover, schizandra is highly recommended for those who wish to unleash their libido

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