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Whether it's a deep and meaningful romantic relationship you want, or simply down and dirty animalistic sex, there are certain traits that SHE will be looking for- Physical, Emotional, and yes... Sexual. This eBook is all about turning yourself into the perfect male. Hints, tips, techniques, and methods including: Secrets of Sexual Power:

Stamina, recovery, multiple orgasms, and much more
Secrets of meeting dating, and seducing women
Secrets of foreplay
Secrets of Sex: Positions and Techniques
Secrets of general sexual health, nutrition, and vitality.

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Do Penis Exercises Really Work?

Male enhancement exercises otherwise known as "Jelqing" are largely based on penis massage techniques that increase blood flow into the penis in order for the spongy erectile tissue in the corpora cavernosa to expand. This process is meant to enlarge both erection girth and length.
Jelqing is often based around a daily regimen lasting about 15 to 30 minutes. Combining both jelquing and supplements is the key to achieving a larger penis.

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